Bring us your hard-to-clean household items such as linens, duvets, bedspreads, comforters, blankets, curtains and drapes, rugs or even tapestry.

Our trained staff will inspect each item for signs of sun damage and other things that are common in household items.

Popular Items
Single Duvet Polyester from £ 9.50
Single Duvet Feather from £ 10.50
Double Duvet Polyester from £ 13.50
Double Duvet Feather from £ 15.00
King Duvet Polyester from £ 15.00
King Duvet Feather from £ 17.50
Super king Duvet Polyester from £ 17.50
Super king Duvet Feather from £ 20.00
Sleeping Bag from £ 10.50
Single Blanket from £ 9.50
Double Blanket from £ 11.50
Curtains from £ 2.95 / lbs
Rugs from Please call
Single Sheet from £ 3.50
Double Sheet from £ 4.00
King Sheet from £ 4.75
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Duvet Cleaning

Allergen experts believe that you should have your duvet and pillows cleaned no less than twice per year. By having them cleaned at Spotless, you will ensure that highly-effective sterilisation and removal of allergens occurs and that, in addition, your duvet and pillows are refreshed and revived.

Curtain Cleaning

The dry cleaning of curtains is the most effective way to clean your curtains of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens. We recommend dry cleaning your curtains at least every 2 years in order to extend the life of your curtains.

Loose Covers

To maintain the appearance of your loose covers we recommend regular annual cleaning. Whether they are dry-cleanable or washable, our team will ensure your covers are cleaned to the highest standard.