Dry Cleaning

Whether you have a garment of delicate material you need dry cleaned such as silk or your 2-piece work suits, here at Widnes Dry Cleaners we offer an unrivaled level of customer service and fabric care

Popular Items
2-piece Suit from £ 10.99
3-piece Suit from £ 12.99
Dinner Suit from £ 13.99
Skirt & Jacket from £ 10.99
Jacket from £  6.50
Trousers from £  7.00
Skirt from £  6.75
Pleated Skirt from £ 7.99
Long Skirt from £  6.99
Dress from £  9.50
Delicate/Beaded Dress from £ 12.50
Evening Dress from £ 18.00
Coat from £ 8.50
Woolens from £ 5.50
Item not listed? Call us on 0151 420 0002

Appropriate modern dry cleaning agents are used to remove stains, along with environmentally responsible products wherever possible.

Ironing Service

Is your pile too big? Or you just don’t like ironing? Bring us your laundered garments and we’ll gladly take care of it – returning your garments perfectly pressed.

…and don’t forget

If you spend £40 or more on our dry cleaning and laundry services, you’ll instantly receive 10% off!

“Time after time, Widnes Dry Cleaners go above and beyond…”